About Us

01Mission And Vision

Winter Park Collaborative is a nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to assist new local startups, increase local pride, preserve our local businesses, and strengthen the arts in Winter Park Florida.  When you donate to Winter Park Collaborative 100% of the proceeds go to supporting local Winter Park Florida businesses.  Fifty percent of all donations go to current local retail businesses in need of assistance and the other fifty percent of donations go towards start up grants to new local Winter Park Florida businesses. Our goal is to increase the production of handmade local merchandise in shops, increase local owned restaurants with locally sourced food, increase locally owned specialty stores, and invest in our talented Winter Park Florida locals.

  • Strengthen Our Local Economy
  • Increase Local Handmade Merchandise
  • Assist 12 Successful Startups in 5 years
  • Increase Local Winter Park Pride
  • Become A Destination For Local Goods & Food

02Crowd Funding

We found a better way to increase local businesses in Winter Park, Florida.  Our method is crowd funding. Winter Park Collaborative helps local Winter Park startups connect with the resources they need to bring their business to life.  Let’s face it, the rent is not cheap in Winter Park and is very intimidating.  If we can ease some of that initial burden, we can give our talented locals a successful start.

Donations of $1,000+ in a calendar year will be rewarded a board seat and can vote on which startups to fund.

Business Sponsorships

City of Stars Charity Dinner

Sale Percentage Partnerships With Local Businesses

Sell Winter Park Merchandise

03Our Startups

Every year local startups may apply to be given Winter Park Collaborative startup grant.  The board, individuals who gave $1,000 or more that year, will have the opportunity to vote on which startups we fund.  We will assist with any questions the local startup has along the way, we will help market the business, and encourage locals to support our startups.

Local businesses we are looking to help fund in Winter Park, FL are locally made pottery and stoneware, handmade candle company, local homemade bakeries that remind us of the good ol’ days, restaurants where ingredients are locally sourced, local honey company, fashion and accessories made in Winter Park, nostalgic concepts such as a soda shop or arcade, local art gallery, local owned home decor store, flower district where you can pick fresh flowers out of buckets, local pride t-shirt shop and more.  Do you have a great idea for a startup you would like to see in Winter Park?  Share it with us and we’ll try to make it happen!  Together we can increase the local gems in our beloved Winter Park!

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